Sunday, November 20, 2016

New missionaries again

arriving just after the second farewell.  It's overwhelming to have missionaries leave than be replaced only two hours later.  This time we had 19 finish their mission while we received 24 from the MTC.  This group had Elder Thompson from our stake in OK.   Elder Bland, from Bentonville, AR who is friends with our friends the Farnsworths' we know from Peru and the Mings that we know from Jenks.  Sister Drasbek was in Emily's ward at BYU this past year.  Sister Smith is the niece of the Smith's we knew in Sandy, UT.  I think we may know too many people, this isn't helping.

It is a great group of missionaries and we are happy they are AZ Mesa Missionaries.  Here they are with their new companions.

 Sister Smith with Sister Leavitt

Sister Drasbek with Sister Daclag

 Sister Talbot with Sister Daquioag

 Sister Orozco with Sister Freckleton

 Sister Hart with Sister Alarcon

Elder Bird with Elder Anderson

 Elder Thompson with Elder Orse

 Elder Stumpf with Elder Rhyasen

 Elder Jensen with Elder Slaugh

 Elder Skinner with Elder Eaton

 Elder Rodebush with Elder Johnson

 Elder Iskow with Elder Miller

 Elder Higham with Elder Lee

 Elder Townsley with Elder Hobbs

 Elder Grabenstein with Elder Findlay

 Elder Draper with Elder Wilderness

 Elder Shirley with Elder Empey

 Elder Dodds with Elder Cadiente

 Elder Cox with Elder Ojala

Elder Checketts and Elder Loyola

 Elder Bowser and Elder Edwards

Elder Bland with Elder Hanks

Elder Arellano with Elder Muir

Elder Lyle with Elder Giacoletto

And the whole group of us in front of the Mesa Temple.

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